About Us

Foresight Association, Ltd Co. is an Atlanta based group of companies established to reach, engage, and inform our local communities. Each of our brands attracts an enthusiastic audience based on market, lifestyle and affinity. 404 Magazine is another extension of our continued efforts. 404 Magazine is to continue the voice of small business, non-profits and local communities.  Through distinct editorial voices, we address the core categories of popular culture, business, consumer trends, science, home, health, nutrition and personal development. We support and inspire local communities and special interest groups, embracing their culture and celebrating their lifestyle.

Our mission is to seek out those in community who are adding value everyday by their contributions. We are set forth to expose their talent, skill, and contribution to a larger audience. We are aiming  to become a leader in the Atlanta area. For creating exposure and value to local talent, community non-profits, small business and start ups.

We aspire to inspire, develop, expand and contribute to our communities!


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