Amazon Wants To Sell You Things Based On The Weather

mag404 April 26, 2017 Comments Off on Amazon Wants To Sell You Things Based On The Weather
Amazon Wants To Sell You Things Based On The Weather

Amazon, ever the industrious shopkeeper, has launched a new way to serve up targeted advertising – based on the weather outside your door.

Part of the site’s #NowItsSummer hub, Amazon will tailor suggestions based on local temperature and precipitation data. If it’s raining, you’ll get suggestions for umbrellas. If it’s sunny, you’ll get suggestions for sun cream.

“The store will display products from sun cream to flip-flops to sunglasses, to help customers get the products they need to enjoy the summer heat,” the site claims. “As all Brits know, the summer doesn’t always mean glorious weather; so when the temperature drops and the clouds arrive, Amazon will offer customers rain-proof products such as umbrellas, anoraks and wellington boots.”

To be honest, the most surprising thing about this is that Amazon hasn’t already been factoring weather data into its algorithms. The new suggestions will take in city-specific weather information, which seems like a relatively simple thing to weave into its tailored homepages. Regardless, the site is clearly leveraging the British obsession with seasonal change to shift some sunglasses and kayaks.

There will also be suggested music playlists and reading lists “to reflect the mood of the season”. Given 2017’s current state, that mood will likely be political exhaustion.

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