Trader Joe’s Is Selling “Single-Serving” Avocados For You To Obsess Over

mag404 May 27, 2017 Comments Off on Trader Joe’s Is Selling “Single-Serving” Avocados For You To Obsess Over
Trader Joe’s Is Selling “Single-Serving” Avocados For You To Obsess Over

Mmmm. Look at me, I’m perfect and green and delicious. I’d be amazing on your salad or sandwich. Slice me open. Do it. I’m going to make your meal sooooo good. See? I’m ripe. Get a spoon from that drawer to scoop me out. Go ahead. I’ll still be here when you …..OOPS NOW I’M OLD AND RUINED. Sooooooorrrrrry.


If you’ve ever been at home and broken out an avocado for a meal, then you know the tenuous relationship line we walk with the delicate fruit. We love them because they make EVERYTHING better, but at the same time, they’re really hard to justify eating if you’re by yourself. You’ll have half, and then, sure, you’ll wrap the other side up. But that’s when the inner monologue starts.

“I’m not going to throw this out,” you say. “It’ll be good for dinner tonight or lunch tomorrow!”

But this is a lie we tell ourselves. It’s like when we say any minute we’re going to start that diet to lose ten pounds before bathing suit season, or that we’re going to listen to Spanish language CD’s in the car so we’re fluent before our trip to Mexico. We’ll never do any of those things, and we certainly will never be able to eat the other half of that avocado before it goes bad.

Now, Trader Joe’s is looking to fix that problem and keep us from being the wasteful, liars they know we are. They’ve come out with a new line of Teeny, Tiny Avocados! And they are as adorable as they are tasty. The new avocados are single servings of the seductive, green food of the Gods, and you’ll never have to waste a half again.

Trader Joe’s is selling a bag of six Teeny Tiny Avocados for $2.69 on the west coast and $2.99 in the rest of the country. So we can all rejoice in the fact that we can buy a weeks worth of delicious, single serving avocados for less than we’d normally pay for latte. And if you don’t like avocados (because you’re a monster) don’t worry: There are other uses for the adorable treats. Like you could buy them as a snack for that scary doll you keep in your house that comes to life and murders everyone the second you turn your back.

Point being: Baby avocados are fun for the whole family.

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