Wise Nation Summer Tour 2017

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Wise Nation Summer Tour 2017

Wise Guy USA, is a lifestyle clothing brand founded by Terohn Hyatt (An Atlanta native) in 2014. Wise Guy made its debut in New York City to instill unity in the creative community through graphic design, photography, video production, creative radio, and apparel.

Wise Guy is now back on the road again for their second annual summer tour. The tour begins on Saturday, June 3rd and ends Sunday June 25th. The Wise Nation Summer Tour is beginning here in Atlanta with a Fashion Show, June 3rd from 7-11pm. 404 Magazine will be covering the event, we are excited to help expose the entrepreneurship of Terohn Hyatt, and all those who will be a part of the kick off here in Atlanta. Be sure to check out the event in person as tickets are still on sale. Also 404 Magazine will be writing a second article covering the event.

Tickets can be purchased at shopwiseguy.com/events.


Cherry Hill, May 27, 2017 – Wise Guy is back at it again with their second annual summer tour.
The 22-day tour will begin Saturday, June 3rd and end Sunday, June 25th. The first annual tour
previously raised the brands’ popularity by 53% in 2016. The “In Between the Lines” summer
tour events offered creatives to come out and network with other creatives. Last year, the brand
traveled to five different cities: Philadelphia, New York City, Atlanta, Buffalo, and Toronto.
This time around, Wise Guy heads west to seven different cities across the United States. The
cities include: Atlanta, Miami, New Orleans, Houston, San Diego, Los Angeles, and San
Francisco. During the tour, Wise Guy aims to heavily influence creativity and individuality to
creatives in each city. The brand will host fashion shows, develop community workshops, and
throw a series of pop-up shops.

Wise Guy is a unique brand that focuses on clothing, photography, graphic design, event
planning, blogging, and much more. Along with their cultural lifestyle, one thing Wise Guy takes
serious is community youth outreach. The brand goes out their way to inspire youth who follow
their lifestyle. This is why the company has created multiple community workshops throughout
this tour.

For more information regarding Wise Guy’s second annual summer tour, please feel free to
contact Terohn Hyatt at Terohnhyatt@shopwiseguy.com.

— Nathaniel Gantz, 404 Magazine CEO

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