The Truth About the 4th

Nathaniel@404mag July 4, 2017 Comments Off on The Truth About the 4th
The Truth About the 4th

Once again, this 4th of July, we celebrate the implementation of the declaration of independence. You know, we have the picnics, parades, and fireworks. We’ve been doing it for a long time. Over 200 years to be exact.

I have been skimming through a book called Founding Myths: Stories That Hide Our Patriotic Past. The author Ray Raphael unveils the truth behind our nations making and how we ended up celebrating on the 4th, amongst other things.

We usually don’t do many book reviews or even recommend books here at 404. But, we do love finding the truth about a matter. Finding what things really are, and how they really happened. So check this book out! its sure to leave you in a thought provoking tizzy, about what we thought we’ve known for years.

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