Power Couple Develops New Directory for Black-Owned Businesses

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Power Couple Develops New Directory for Black-Owned Businesses

Historically in our nation, the black community has been its strongest when standing as one. With increasing media coverage of police brutality and the blurred line between sports and politics over the past few years, it’s quite evident that there’s no better time than now to unite, support one another and build for a better economic future. That’s where Allonsy, Let’s Go! comes in.
Allonsy, Let’s Go! is a directory that serves as a means to connect consumers with black-owned businesses and affiliates throughout the U.S. The directory’s goal is economic independence and freedom from relying on others to provide the black community with skills, products and services it can offer within itself.
“I stand strong on what I believe in,” said Tanisha Johnson, Allonsy founder. “Unity in our community. No one can change the way I feel.”
The directory includes a list of businesses such as restaurants, stores, attorneys, churches, doctors, banks and much more. It also includes events that are either hosted by or benefit blacks socially and/or economically. Listings are conveniently categorized by their business type, and users can search for desired services in any location.
Tanisha, a small-business marketer and social-media strategist, used her knowledge, expertise and resources to turn Allonsy from an idea to a reality. Assisting the Louisiana native is her boyfriend, Jamal Sutter, a photographer, videographer and graphic artist.
“When we first met, she told me about her vision,” said Jamal, from Summerville, South Carolina. “As we grew closer, her aspirations became mine as well.”
The partnership is working out perfectly for the couple. Tanisha primarily handles the business aspect along with the vision of the company, while Jamal uses his creativity to design the website and produce visual content for Allonsy’s various social media platforms. They both work night and day on making the directory as easy and efficient as possible for both consumers and business owners.
“I believe this directory has made Jamal and I so much closer and stronger. We both motivate each other,” Tanisha explained.
Right now, the directory has more than 1,000 business listings, mostly in the country’s southeastern region, with businesses and content added regularly. A mobile-app version of Allonsy is scheduled to go live in November, which will make shopping black even easier for users.
The word “Allonsy” derives from the French word or phrase “Allons-y” which means “Let’s Go!” or “Follow Me”.
“As we are focused on leading our community into a future of financial liberty, we felt the name to be compelling to our mission to unite, support and build,” Tanisha said. “So, let’s go!”
For more on Allonsy, Let’s Go!, visit www.allonsyletsgo.com.
Instagram: @officialallonsy

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