Love Kreates – An initiative to help those in need.

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Love Kreates – An initiative to help those in need.

Who is Love Kreates?

Love Kreates is an up and coming community organization that was foundationally conceived through two particular passions: knitting & crocheting and serving those in the community who are in need of help. Thus, the mission and goal is simple and concise. We seek to change the way in which the homeless are assisted through our innovative use of creating clothing and other necessities of life through homemade material. Since the winter season is the cruelest time of the year for families and individuals with little to no income, this is when their services will be most needed and it is when we will be the most dynamic. Prior to the winter season’s arrival, Love Kreates makes and collects homemade items, then distributes them throughout the various communities in Atlanta. Something as small as a hat can make a difference in the life of someone.

Imagine experiencing despair over feeling lost and not knowing where to go or what to do. Each night you wander the streets, whether it is raining, whether it is snowing, or even in the blazing heat. You have to keep wandering because you have to find a place to lay your head and rest. Each morning you awake to chattering noises, because you are void of any privacy. Now you must locate a public place that will allow you to clean yourself up and are disappointed when you find none. Now, hunger has struck and you must put aside your pride and dignity to beg people for change just to get a cheap meal or scavenge through the garbage cans near restaurants. For the duration of your days, they are filled with you sitting in the city hoping that someone will notice you and would want to help you without judgement towards you and your situation. You  quickly realize that most people in society do not understand homelessness, and wonder if the circumstances in homelessness will ever change. So next time you see someone who is less fortunate than you are, be kind because you never know what difficulties they are encountering. Whether they live on the streets or next door, you can always be a blessing.

Love Kreates believes with conviction and faith that it takes people to help people. Love Works Best!

For more information do not hesitate to reach out:

Instagram/Facebook/Twitter – @lovekreates
website – www.lovekreates.or

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