André Hills – International Life Coach

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André Hills – International Life Coach

André Hills is founder and CEO of The Delta Influence, and Atlanta-based life coaching organization. A native of Savannah, Ga., he learned at a young age how powerful negative thoughts and emotions can be, Hills channeled his efforts to ensure that he and his brother’s lives would develop positively, despite the insurmountable loss. In high school, he began working as a sales associate at a local retail store and at 19, his impeccable work ethic was recognized and he was asked to lead a team at his company’s store in the Atlanta-Metro area . Since then, Hills has built a reputable career, providing a lasting impression in the retail industry and upon all of his employees. His transition to life and coaching skills were holistically mastered through his experience in caring for his family, while also strategically managing the success of numerous multimillion dollar and publicly-traded retail companies’ locations. Through his experiences, Hills developed a passion for mentoring and strengthened his own internal spirit.

André, leveraging his life experiences, passion for helping others and the insight gained from his professional life coaching business, Hills authored “But I…” Said the Ego, which is a guide to self-discovery and internal analysis. He examines the dichotic conflict between emotion and logic and the role that it plays in our everyday lives. Throughout the book, Hills intimately connects with the reader to provide clarity along the path to self-improvement.

Mr. Hills will be sharing knowledge via the web. These are complimentary sessions focusing on various topics which are listed below. Take the opportunity to experience true self-discovery.


“André is the voice of your inner navigation system. He is the wisdom to greatness.” – David Keown

“Anyone who wants to invest in themselves and wants to better their life: I highly recommend starting with a life coach, especially André!” – Jordan Frate

“André is a brilliant inspiration; a man who brought light into my life at my darkest time. I am thankful every day that he is here for all of us.” – Alishah Zia

“This man’s love for his work and his clients is contagious, that’s why he is a fantastic fit for those who are passionate about their personal growth.” – Joe Iacono

“He’s someone who can make you instantly feel good and is caring and committed along the way.” – Naufal Nugroho

* Free Monthly Calls and Webinars starting at 8PM EST:

  • Hoping, Believing & Knowing  – October 18th; REGISTER NOW!
  • The Truth About Where You Are – October 25th; REGISTER NOW!
  • The Mind. The Emotion. The Manifestation. – November 1st; REGISTER NOW!
  • The Fill Up; Putting First Things First To Further Your Influence – November 8th
  • Second Things First – November 15th
  • Choosing Positive Thoughts – December 6th
  • Bridging The Gap – December 20th

Visit Mr. Hills webpage at

Follow him on IG @creating_forward_movement and @butisaidtheego


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