Charity Ramps – Mobility Changing Lives

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Charity Ramps – Mobility Changing Lives

According to the National Institute of Health, 2.2 million people in the United States depend on a wheel chair for day-to-day tasks and mobility. Of those 2.2 million people, many of them may be dependant on wheel chair ramps to get in and out of their homes. Ramps can be expensive depending on size and configuration. Typically, a small ramp can start at a cost of $1000 and larger ramps can average $3000 to $6000 or more, this is an expense that is simply out of reach for many individuals.

Without these ramps those with mobility issues become isolated inside their own homes, unable to do simple things and without the freedom to go out even for a breath of fresh air. In most cases, the need for a ramp is immediate and many health insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid, do not cover them. Many times, people who need ramps were involved in serious accidents and are possibly awaiting monetary compensation from settlements which could take months or years to recover.

While government funded programs are available in certain states, funds tend to run out quickly. The process is intimidating and the criteria that needs to be met may seem daunting, leaving mobility impaired people without hope. Even with the Veterans Administration, the process may be lengthy and complicated. These Processes are frustrating and the feeling of despair can set in quickly, causing those in need to just give up.

Charity Ramps seeks to give home-bound individuals a second chance at living functional lives by giving them the ability to get out of and go to appointments, visit family, or just be reintroduced into public settings. The organization is a 501(c)3 non-profit that serves several purposes. Charity Ramps identifies the needs of those with mobility issues, evaluates their situations, attentively listens to their story and difficulties. After profiling their needs to Charity Ramps followers they use their platforms to give voice to those who may have never heard, or find themselves in a position they would have never thought they’d be in.

Charity Ramps is dedicated to ensuring that the needs of those with mobility challenges are heard and answered. Through the kindness and generosity of donations. Charity Ramps seeks to give those able to donate the fulfilling experience of sheer joy, knowing they have impacted and changed lives for the better.

Charity Ramps is eager to work with Social Workers, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, cancer centers, and aging in place specialists amongst many others.

Due to the fact that mobility issues are in every neighborhood and affect people in every part of the country Charity Ramps sees the value in partnerships. Charity Ramps would be able to extend their reach throughout the United States by partnerships.



“In Georgia, Medicaid and Medicare do not cover the cost of ramps. In the 4 years I’ve been in this position, I have come across several people who could benefit from this type of service, and I’m just one person on a team of 30. There are hundreds of people who are in need of assistance to be able to get a ramp, and there is no other service specifically dedicated to providing ramps, that I’m aware of, in metro Atlanta. To be able to get this assistance for our members on a regular basis would be amazing!”

— Lakesha (Social Worker), located in Atlanta, GA

“My caseworker got me in touch with Charity Ramps to help with my needs. My home already has a ramp, but it was installed many years ago. The ramp has become highly worn and very dangerous. I have been scared to leave my house because the ramp is in such bad condition- it’s hazardous for me to use. Getting a new ramp has made a huge difference in my life because I do not worry anymore about my safety just to get some fresh air!”

— Robert, located in Hampton, GA

Please reach out and share your story with Charity Ramps. They are willing and ready to assist those in need.

Phone: (770) 727.6557

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